January 01,

by Richard Hahn

Reasons why manufacturers favor aluminum welding wire over other metals

Reasons why manufacturers favor aluminum welding wire over other metals

It is light, yet durable and doesn’t rust; no wonder aluminum welding wire is the first choice for manufacturers all over. It is used in the rail and shipbuilding industry, automotive and trailer manufacturing, metal fabrication etc. If you analyze it properly then you will notice that we are surrounded by things that were made using aluminum welding. Thanks to the many positive characteristics, it has become an inevitable part of machine and hardware manufacturing.


Aluminum comes with a number of properties that make it a popular choice in the manufacturing sector instead of standard alloys and diameters.


One of the best properties of aluminum is that it is crack resistant. It has a very low freezing point and has more fluid meld in it. The freezing point of a metal is a range where it is part solid and part liquid. If there is a huge difference in the temperature range then it can cause cracking very easily. That’s the reason why manufacturers use welding wire made of aluminum in their products.

aluminum welding wire


Unlike iron, aluminum does not rust. Since both are equally durable, aluminum becomes a very obvious choice for manufacturers. Rust can cause damage to the welding wire and the structure as a whole. However, when you use aluminum you can sure that rust will not affect it in any way.


Aluminum is quite light. It is much lighter than steel and iron. That is the reason it is used to make machinery parts so that the assembled machinery does not become too heavy. From the smallest electronic item to heavy-duty machinery, aluminum is used in all because of this unique characteristic.


Aluminum is widely used in the ship and rail building industry. The corrosion resistant property of the aluminum helps a lot in battling the salt sea water. Being lightweight it is used widely to build vessels used by the coastguards, naval vessels, LNG tankers etc.

It is also used in manufacturing rail cars and engine parts. It is perfect for something that moves at such high speeds. Not to mention it also reduces the fuel costs. Welding wires of aluminum is used all over the world for building the fastest of trains.

Apart from these, the aluminum welding wire is a popular choice for manufacturers involved in automobile and trailer making. It is also used for general fabrication such as for making structures and in the power generation industry too.