Nexalloy Advantage for Welding Aluminum

Every welding procedure has its individual requirements. Companies are constantly looking to implement new technology in their welding operations to increase productivity, improve quality, or save money. Many others also look for solutions to improve the health and safety of welders at the job site. Nexal’s aluminum welding alloys address a comprehensive range of concerns and enhance operations in general fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Our Nexalloy’s line of products is popular due to their ease of use and the ability to produce high quality welds.

Below are some significant reasons to switch to new technology and leverage Nexalloy’s advantage for welding aluminum to improve the overall performance of your operation.

Reasons to Consider the Nexalloy Advantage for Aluminum Welding

Choosing welding wires is a significant decision which requires careful planning. As experts in the field of aluminum welding, we share our knowledge to implement the change to gain the advantage of welding wires by Nexal.

Boost Productivity

Use specific wire to get higher deposition rates and travel speeds to boost productivity

Solve Quality Issues

Minimize the chances of rework and improve weld quality to a significant extent.

Reduce Weld Fumes

Improve your work environment and the health and safety of your employees.

Cut Costs

Reduce long-term costs by reducing spatter, increasing travel speeds, and minimizing pre-weld cleaning.

Investing in the best-quality welding consumables significantly improves your business’s bottom line. If you have been using a wire for a long time, evaluate whether or not it is the most cost-effective and beneficial in all aspects. Consider comparing the operating parameters on the aluminum alloy manufacturer’s recommendations and data sheets.

Consult our aluminum welding specialists and gain the top advantages of aluminum welding consumables by Nexal.


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