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Nexal Aluminum Inc.

The next generation of Aluminum Welding Consumables

Mission: To provide our customers with the highest quality aluminum welding wire with superior customer service and in a cost effective manner.

The people at NEXAL have been driving innovation in aluminum technology since 1973. Pioneering many of the standard practices used today, NEXAL is again at the frontier of aluminum welding wire technology. Our state of the art manufacturing facility combines innovative processes with custom built equipment. With expertise in the entire production chain from smelting to welding, we understand the unique challenges presented by aluminum. Whether our customers are looking for a common product or to solve a special problem, Nexal is here to help. NEXALLOY, the trademark product line of Nexal Aluminum Inc., leads the industry in quality and consistency.

Nexal maintains the ISO9001 certification as well as respective national and international welding certifications for approved products: AWS, CWB, ABS, and TUV. Nexal provides complete traceability of its finished product. Each lot of welding wire is designed to meet or exceed American Welding Society Specifications. In addition before leaving Nexal’s facilities, all NEXALLOY products must pass our rigorous quality tests to ensure we deliver on our quality commitment. Nexal’s packaging is intended to not only ensure that the exceptional quality of the material is retained from the time the package leaves the production facility until the product is put to use, but to also provide an aesthetically appealing product to its customers.

Nexal considers the protection of health, safety and the environment a fundamental responsibility and a priority governing all of its operations. We are also dedicated to the protection of the health and safety of our employees and customers while minimizing our impact on the environment. In these areas, we work to continuously improve our performance.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, we serve the needs of manufacturers and distributors across North America and worldwide.

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